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ROBERT® is now being tested at Hobro Hospital

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The journey for our rehabilitation robot ROBERT® is well under way at the Danish hospitals.

The next stop on the route has been Hobro Hospital, where ROBERT® is being tested at the rehabilitation department M3.

In this department, all patients have been visited from other hospital departments in the region North Jutland. Here, many different patients are treated - but the common denominator is neurological disorders, such as paralysis, sclerosis and strokes.

ROBERT® is undergoing a 14-day testing period, and the staff have already felt a difference among the patients. The robot is a hot conversation topic and creates a positive atmosphere among the patients. In addition, the "new rehabilitation robot" has been capable of creating curiosity and, above all, providing a motivational boost for rehabilitation.

“ROBERT® has created a positive atmosphere at our department and the patients really want to try the robot. It has increased their focus on rehabilitation,” says Rikke Sørensen, head nurse at rehabilitation department M3 at Hobro Hospital.

We look forward to ROBERT® helping even more hospitals!